Gun Accessory Brands at The Samson Armory

In our business shops like The Samson Armory are only as good as the brands we carry. It takes a long time and concentrated effort to scrutinize and select the best brands in tactical market. But our deep enthusiasm for the world of firearms and more than 20 years of knowledge and experience in tis arena has helped us assemble one of the most impressive selections you’ll find online.

Check out our current list of brands below, and click a logo to see all the products we offer from that brand.

How Does The Samson Armory Choose Brands?

It’s against the objectives of our mission to offer products of sub-par quality. To complete our mission, we must continue to seek weapon accessory designers and manufacturers who use quality parts and construction methods to create their products.

When looking at brands, we consider:

  • Brand Trust – It’s imperative to know whether customers who are loyal to a brand have had a consistently positive experience and why. We seek brands with genuinely supportive customer feedback and a history of business success.
  • Experience – Without experienced brands, The Samson Armory may run into fulfillment and shipping problems that could easily be avoided. We value experience in the industry because it means we can pass that efficiency onto our customers.
  • Commitment to Quality – The word quality is thrown around often in the world out business, but brands that take that word to heart are the ones we endorse and sell. That means using high quality metals, proven manufacturing techniques, and thoughtful packaging.
  • User Experience – We prefer brands with confidence and personality, and when users of a brand’s products are both happy and engaged with that brand, we know we’ve found a match.

The gun accessory industry is saturated with designers and builders of firearm parts. Customizing a weapon requires precision and durability in those parts, and producing products that meet those criteria must be preempted with a drive to exceed the standard.

The brands available in our gun accessory shop have met or exceeded the standards set forth by our owners and buyers, so you can be assured that your product is unmatched in quality.