AR-10 Buttstocks

The caliber of ammunition is the main difference between your AR-10 and AR-15, so many of the custom parts that you might use to outfit your AR-15 are also useful for your AR-10, including your best stocks. Beware, however, that because key components of the AR-10 tend to be larger, you’ll have to adjust your choice of AR-10 buttstock to compensate.

Also remember to base your decision on whether your buffer tube is mil-spec or commercial, since you’ll need a buttstock to match your AR-10.

Characteristics of AR-10 Fixed & Adjustable Stocks

When choosing stocks for your AR-10, you’ll want to pay special attention to the following characteristics:


Picking the right weight for your buttstock is a fast way to ensure that your weapon remains balanced when being carried or used. Heavy stocks can counterbalance weapons with a longer handguard so that you maintain better control when firing.

Be careful, however, to ensure that you’re also able to comfortably carry your weapon across long distances, especially if your mission calls for frequent travel. Sacrificing balance for light weight can be useful for those who move on foot.


Choosing material is a little bit about weight and largely about durability. Most buttstocks you’ll find that balance weight and durability best are made from high-quality polymer that lasts for campaign after campaign, especially Magpul AR-10 stocks.


The ergonomics of your shooting can change your stamina, endurance, and aim. The stock on your weapon should fit snugly and comfortably when held in the correct position, and choosing the right one can have a tremendous effect on the speed and accuracy of your shots.


Some stocks are geared toward long-distance shooting and sniping, where others are more fit for close-quarters battle. If you need to fire fast when making split-second decisions, be sure that you have the best AR-10 buttstock for rapid fire.


Adjustable (collapsible) AR-10 stocks are buttstocks which have a changeable length to fit better in carry gear or be tweaked to fit your shooting style. Fixed AR-10 stocks are more sturdy and reliable, and though they often cost less, they cannot be adjusted.

Count on Us for Whatever AR-10 Stock Options You Choose

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