AR-15 Bolt Carriers

In an AR-15, the bolt and carrier group (BCG) is the heart of the weapon, often called the action. Bolt carriers house the bolt and reset the hammer while firing, and they take the largest part of the gas pressure. Choosing a bolt carrier group upgrade for your AR-15 can affect recoil, accuracy, carry weight, and reliability.

What Can an AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group Upgrade Do?

For such a small series of parts, you may not expect a significant impact on the performance of your weapon. However, bolt carrier groups house precision equipment that can noticeably change the way you fire.

Lower Weight

Many of today’s AR-15 owners want bolt carrier parts and upgrades that will allow them to squeeze all the weight they can out of their total setup. The idea is to reduce weight down to the smallest parts, including the BCG. Lightweight weapons tend to be easier to fire rapidly and easier to carry.

To create lightweight bolt carrier groups for AR-15s, manufacturers use high-quality, lightweight metals such as aluminum and titanium. If you’re looking to balance durability with weight, you will likely have to pay a higher price for metals that are naturally stronger.

Reduced Recoil

Lighter weight also means less recoil. When there is less mass for gas pressure to push back on, a smaller amount of the energy payload makes its way to your hands and arms. It’s a plus not only for safety; for men and women who are training in or operate in conditions in which rapid fire and decision making are musts, reduced recoil allows for quick operation.

It’s also easier on your muscles and bones, which means you’ll be able to shoot longer before your stamina is drained. A lightweight AR-15 bolt carrier group has a smaller impact on total weight than other customizable parts, but each reduction is a step toward lighter recoil.


Certain bolt carrier groups are made for use with multiple types of ammunition and gas systems. While lightweight BCGs work excellently with adjustable gas blocks to cut down on gas pressure and recoil, heavier bolt-carrier groups are best for running any type of ammunition through any type of gas system.

It all depends on how you want to shoot. Heavier AR-15s with durable bolt carrier group parts and upgrades are effective for long-distance shooting and can improve overall balance and control. Lighter AR-15s with reduced-weight bolt carrier groups help operators work more safely and efficiently in close-quarters battle.

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