AR-15 Gas Blocks

The AR-15’s gas block ejects empty cartridges and feeds the next round from the magazine into the chamber so that you are constantly ready to fire. It does so by regulating the flow of gas from the combustion after firing into the bolt carrier group, the heart of your AR-15. The entire process is what ensures smooth and rapid firing.

Choosing the Right AR-15 Gas Block

All gas blocks perform the same primary function, but you can customize how they fit into your assembly and how easy they are to adjust. There are two main characteristics of gas blocks that affect these customizations.


The standard gas block on your AR-15 may be cumbersome or interfere with proper operation and aiming. You can customize your AR-15 with a low-profile gas block that limits the length of the block and protrudes only slightly above the barrel.

Low-profile gas blocks are also lightweight and have an extremely negligible effect on the handling of your weapon. The goal of opting for a more compact design is to improve both the look of the weapon as well as ensure its proper function when firing.


Keeping your gas system balanced within your AR-15 is reliant on adjustable gas blocks. Fine adjustments to the system can tip the weapon’s performance in favor of either reliability or lighter recoil. The gas block works in tandem with other pieces of the gas system, such as:

  • Barrel length
  • Presence of a compensator or suppressor
  • Weight of the rifle
  • Weight of the ammunition
  • Rate of fire

Carrying more gas through the system is a better guarantee of reliability, but applying so much pressure to the internal parts causes an increase in recoil.

Alternatively, when using an adjustable gas block, you can tune it so that less gas enters the system. Though lower pressure may compromise the consistency of certain parts of the gas system, you’ll also enjoy better control and considerably less recoil.

The Best AR-15 Gas Blocks in the Tactical Gear Market

Some would argue that a low-profile or adjustable AR-15 gas block is one of the most significant changes you can make to your weapon for immediate results. That’s a lot of bang for your buck.

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