AR-15 Buttstocks

Since the AR-15 is one of the most customizable firearms commercially available, you’re likely to need a new buttstock while outfitting your weapon. The options for stocks compatible with the AR-15 may be overwhelming, but you can narrow your selection by examining the weight, material, ergonomics, and special qualities of the best AR-15 stocks available.

Don’t forget to grab a stock that works with your buffer tube – buy a commercial AR-15 stock for a commercial buffer tube and a mil-spec stock for a mil-spec buffer tube.

Characteristics of AR-15 Fixed & Adjustable Stocks

When choosing stocks for your AR-15, pay attention to the main characteristics that set each one apart.


Weapons don’t need to always be light; balancing a firearm is vastly more important than making it as lightweight as possible. Gear placement affects your desired weight heavily – for example, heavier stocks can help balance setups that incorporate a longer handguard.

However, if the situations in which you use your weapon call for frequent foot travel, minimizing the weight of your components, including your buttstock, could be a viable solution to energy conservation. Consider both balance and carry weight when choosing.


The material of your AR-15 stock affects its weight, but more importantly, it affects the overall durability. Currently, the polymer buttstock is the preferred balance of weight and durability, and it is common among Magpul AR-15 stocks.


Some shooters may also call it ergonomics. It’s the way a stock fits into your shooting posture, and it has everything to do with the speed and accuracy of your shooting. Ensure your stock fits the resting position of your cheek and will stay steady and comfortable when you have a target in sight.


The versatility of the AR-15 and its options for stocks mean you’ll have to consider whether you want to gear your firearm to focus on close-quarters battle or sniping. Most AR-15 stocks for sale are made for fighting at short distances.


Adjustable (collapsible) AR-15 stocks are buttstocks that can be tweaked in length to fit your shooting style and natural height or to fit into your carry gear more easily. Fixed AR-15 stocks are more sturdy and reliable, and though they are often more affordable, they cannot be adjusted to match your shooting style.

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