AR-15 Trigger Upgrades

A carefully chosen trigger upgrade is one of the most effective ways to quickly improve the accuracy of your AR-15. The best AR-15 triggers for the money will break without extra resistance, which prevents the shooter from anticipating recoil and bracing for it. Experienced shooters also look for short travel time before the break to keep the force needed to squeeze the trigger to a minimum.

Choosing AR-15 Triggers

AR-15 trigger replacement calls for a well-discerned balance of ease and responsiveness. Look for these characteristics when browsing for AR-15 trigger parts.

Single Stage & Dual Stage (Two Stage) Triggers for the AR-15

Differed staging offers variable levels of control when squeezing to fire.

  • Single Stage – The single stage trigger moves smoothly as you squeeze until it breaks.
  • Dual (Two) Stage – The dual stage trigger moves through a stage of greater resistance to a stage of minimal resistance before breaking.

The strength and squeezing style of the shooter determines which of the staged triggers is best. Single-stage models tend to reset more quickly, which allows for faster shooting at close range, but dual (two) stage AR-15 triggers tend to improve accuracy through a gradual shift in resistance.

Pull Weight

Single and dual-stage triggers also have an overall pull weight that determines how much overall resistance is needed by the shooter to squeeze to the breaking point. The higher the number, the greater the amount of force is required for a successful break.

Lighter triggers, also called match triggers, are used mostly in competition when safety is well-supervised. In hunting or combat situations, however, there is added intensity and urgency that make light triggers much more dangerous to friendly shooters and civilians. Accidental firing occurs decidedly more often when using a light trigger.

For sport shooting and combat, heavier triggers balance safety with effectiveness better than light triggers do. Most competitors use an AR-15 trigger group upgrade to a lighter 3-pound pull weight, sport shooters usually opt for about 4-pound AR-15 trigger replacements, and combatants rely on heavier 5- or 6-pound pull weights.

AR-15 Trigger Upgrades at their Best Quality

A trigger upgrade for your AR-15 is one of the fastest methods for improving accuracy. Practicing with your choice of trigger may help you develop an affinity for it, but it’s also important to try different pull weights and staging to find out which works best for your shooting style.

We have all the AR-15 trigger parts you need to make your upgrade – try one out today!