Tactical Military Optics & Scopes

Tactical optics help your eye and brain coordinate to control the direction and accuracy of your shot. Without optic assistance from night sights and scopes, you directly compromise your ability to hit your target.

Don’t leave shooting to chance – ever. Mount tactical military optics such as scopes and sights to your weapon to ensure maximum accuracy in even the most questionable conditions. Scope optics are appropriate for shooters from beginning to advanced skill levels, including those who are still learning the basics of shooting.

Advantages of Tactical Military Optics & Scopes

Mounting a scope to your weapon provides an immediate boost to visual advantages common in shooting, including:

Sharp Focus

Nearly all scope optics narrow your field of vision to the area immediately around the target, and they do so by design. The magnification characteristics of scopes provide an advantage that may not be immediately obvious: they eliminate noise from peripheral vision.

Without distractions from moving objects far outside the range of your target, you can better line up your shot and compensate for the elements.


With sharper focus, you also tend to have better accuracy. Tactical optics not only narrow your field of vision, they also provide tools such as crosshairs and reticles to help you understand the approximate location of your fired shot and help you estimate how its movement through the air will be affected before landing.

Handicap Recovery

Scopes also enable shooters who may suffer from injuries or health conditions that would ordinarily prevent them from being able to handle a firearm. High-tech scopes and military optics can help compensate for such handicaps as poor eyesight, muscle-control disorders, and permanent injuries.

Our Tactical Optics Brands Are Truly the Best

The Samson Armory takes so much pride in the selection of goods available to weapons enthusiasts, professionals, and men and women who work regularly in hazardous duty. In particular, we’re excited to offer firearm optics solutions for customers such as:

  • Firearm enthusiasts
  • Law-enforcement officers
  • Frontline military fighters
  • Firearms trainers and trainees

Our optics selection is carefully picked for its breadth of application as well as universal reliability. For such precision instruments as tactical optics, including scopes and night sights, long-lasting electronics and durable lenses and bodies are indispensable.

A purchase of military optics from The Samson Armory ensures that your product is one that has been rigorously reviewed and scrutinized. Should your product not meet your exacting standards, we provide top-notch customer service to our customers.

Get in touch with us for questions or concerns about our tactical optics and scopes. We’re happy to help and will respond as soon as we are available!