Pistol and Handgun Accessories & Attachments

Tired of that stock pistol? You know – the one that you and 3 million other people have?

Trick it out. Spruce it up. The Samson Armory can help. We carry a full line of pistol parts and accessories that will make your gun the one that everyone wants to shoot.

Limitless Customization, Limited Stock

Get your pistol and handgun accessories and customization parts now – they sell out fast! The Samson Armory carries the best in pistol and handgun attachments, but carrying high quality means we can only stock so much at a time.

Check out each page to find:

  • Lights – Improve nighttime target acquisition and accuracy with a mounted flashlight. It frees up your non-dominant hand for steadying your shot and illuminates the path before you.
  • Ammunition – Without ammo, there’s nothing to fire! We have specialized ammunition for consistent firing that helps keep your weapon intact and working at optimum performance.
  • Extension Kits – These kits contain all the pieces to extend pistols or handguns to handle and operate similar to a carbine.
  • Conversion Kits – Improve performance or completely overhaul your pistol or handgun to achieve custom size and handling.
  • Trigger Kits – Change the way you fire with trigger kits that vary the uptake, pressure, and smoothness of your trigger pull to fit your shooting style.
  • Grips – Shift your grip style with more grip, softer grip, or more responsive grip with our easy-to-install upgrades.
  • Magazines – You fire a lot of ammunition, and our magazines are prepared to handle the consequent dropping and reloading necessary in the field or at the range.
  • Sights – Pistol and handgun sights are the next level in self-defense, and we have the latest in handgun-specific sight technology.
  • Mats – Cleaning your handgun is an indispensable part of owning and operating a weapon, and our mats will help you do it safely and thoroughly.

Convert your 9mm to a .45ACP. Raise the bar for marksmanship with an RMR dual-illuminated sight. The customization accessories for your firearm are nearly endless – but how you customize is completely up to you.

Save on the Best Pistol and Handgun Attachments in the Industry

Don’t forget to look around for our sale items. Just search out the Sale tag to get the lowest prices on our available handgun parts and accessories. Sales change often, so be sure to check back to see if your favorite item’s price is reduced – but hurry, because sale prices come and go fast!

Fill your cart and order today. If you have questions about our products or need help figuring out what handgun and firearm accessories you should add to your arsenal, let us know. We’ll be glad to give you the family-to-community care that makes The Samson Armory one-of-a-kind.