Red Dots

Red Dot Scopes and Sights

Today’s best red dot scopes and sights provide competition- and battlefield-level accuracy for new and veteran shooters in a compact, lightweight, durable package. Since the advent of red dot sights, the good standard has vastly improved in terms of weight and durability, and shooters just like you can reap the benefits.

The Samson Armory stocks the best red dot scopes available to shooters of any experience level. Paint your target and improve accuracy with the lighting and laser technology used by shooting professionals and hobbyists.

Advantages of Using Good Red Dot Sights

Shooters new to firing a weapon and long-time weapons enthusiasts alike can enjoy the following advantages of red dot sights.

Improved Accuracy

Just align the red dot to the target and you’re shooting within 2-4 minute subtension. While the red dot isn’t quite as accurate as the crosshairs of a scope (when they are used skillfully), for most shooters, the red dot is precise enough to provide unparalleled accuracy on a battlefield just as well as hunting grounds.

Immediate Usability

Red dots help beginning shooters see success sooner, which aids in fueling the motivation to continue to shoot and learn. There’s a lot to learn in the beginning stages of shooting, so minimizing the number of skills to build simultaneously helps new shooters take things a step at a time.

Faster Shooting

For veteran shooters, red dot sights provide the advantage of quick shooting. Unlike firing with a scope or iron sights, the red dot is always aligned to where it is painted and helps fire with surprising accuracy. If you miss your target once, re-aiming and firing is a quick process, which could be a life-saver on any battlefield.

What Makes The Samson Armory’s Red Dots Scopes the Best?

We carry brands like Holosun, Burris, Eotech, Bushnell, Meprolight, and Trijicon, all of which are hand-selected brands well-known for crafting rugged weapon accessories. Many of our brands are also manufacturers of scopes and iron sights, which means they know the needs of shooters and the advantages of advanced scopes and sights, including good red dot sights.

We consider the environments in which our customers shoot and the challenges they may face when selecting our stock of red dot scopes. It’s imperative to remember that our shooters are currently learning at vastly different skill levels, and that we should provide products that will grow with our shooters rather than products that our shooters will grow out of.

Count on the best red dot sights that will carry you to the next level of your shooting career – grab your red dot scopes from The Samson Armory today.