Rifle Scopes

The best tactical rifle scopes assist in improving the ability of a shooter to aim at long distances. They magnify the image of a target area to help weapons operators line up shots, steady their aim, and fire at a target with greater accuracy than when using traditional sights such as iron sights.

Choosing the Right Scope

You can get an idea of the magnification and size of a scope by how it is classified. Generally, scopes are given a measure of their optical magnification and objective lens diameter. For example:

  • A 3×32 scope would have a 3-times magnification and a 32mm objective lens.

The measurements combined with an understanding of the base elements of the scope (and an understanding of the conditions under which you’ll be shooting) are all you need to determine the best gun scope to choose.

The Gun Scope’s Basic Elements

There are five main tangible and intangible components of a scope that denote how effective it is under certain shooting conditions:

  • Magnification – This is a measure of the linear magnifying power of the rifle scope. The number represents how much closer the shooter would have to be to see the image in the scope as a multiplicative factor of the viewer’s current position.
  • Objective Lens Size – Expressed by diameter, usually in millimeters (mm), the size determines how much light can enter the scope to form a magnified image.
  • Field of View – Represents the visible limit within the scope according to its design. The field of view is often expressed as a linear measurement or an angular value.
  • Exit Pupil – A concentrated beam of light, the exit pupil, is what creates the image that shooters see in each scope. Larger exit pupils allow for better vision at night, when the eye’s pupil is larger, too.
  • Eye Relief – This is a measure of the distance from the rear eyepiece lens to the exit pupil. A longer eye relief presents better unvignetted images for scout rifles and handguns, and can reduce injury from recoil on especially powerful weapons.

These elements form the basis of a sound decision about what size and magnification of scope fit your purpose for shooting.

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