X-Products X-15 High Capacity Drum Magazine AR-15

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With a distinct newer look, the X-15 Drum Magazine has a capability of 50 rounds to provide the shooter with the ability of continual rounds.  All X-15 Products are high in quality, so you can rest assured that you are always getting your money’s worth. As the most flexible and convenient sized 50 Round Drum Magazine ever made for the AR-15, this leader of all X-Products, the X-15, was designed for a variety of uses and is capable of multiple functions. With only the highest quality materials used to produce the product, the X-15 Drum Magazine prevents the separation of ammunition while in use. As a result of this design feature, this product provides less risk for glitches.

There is a unique tension relief device that is responsible for the X-15 being able to permit an inexhaustible number of spring loads. The X-15 can pair with weapons to hold the potential of shooting 1100 rounds a minute. Produced in the United States, the X-15 Drum Magazine can be matched with a majority of rifles.

The X-15 Drum Magazine is an excellent option for 3 gun competitors because of its efficiency and assistance provided by the sling. Additional properties of the X-15 Drum Magazine include friction reduction, dependability without the need for lubrication, and a lifetime warranty.

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The X-15 Skeletonized 50 round drum magazine not only adds a new dimension of look, it is also lightens the magazine, allows the shooter to maintain an active round count, as well as improves function in high dirt environments.



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